Obviously each situation will be unique and we would have to assess the renovation individually. But simply put – most of the time yes, sometimes no. It all comes down to the type of renovation or extension you are wanting. Let’s go through the options from minor to extensive. 


Bathroom Renovation

If you only have one bathroom, this is a little harder however there are various options. You can speak to your neighbours, friends or family about using their bathroom for the duration of the renovation or alternatively use your gym or work showers. Alternatively you can have a portable bathroom delivered to your yard complete with a shower, toilet, basin and lighting that is actually nicer than it sounds. The builder/plumber can hook it up and you are normally looking around the $2,000 mark for 5 weeks. Alternatively, if you have another toilet you can use but just need a portable shower, this will normally be around the $1,000 mark for 5 weeks.

If you have more than one bathroom, there should be no reason that you can’t stay in the house and use the other bathroom during the renovation. 


Kitchen Renovation

While the kitchen renovation is happening, the simplest way would be to order Youfoods and microwave all your meals and have no clean up. However, if you prefer freshly cooked we have known people that set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in your house such as the garage. A camping table, microwave, fridge and even a $20 portable camping stove from Bunnings can get you through a few weeks while the kitchen is out of action. 

House Renovation/Extension

If you are doing a substantial renovation such as kitchen, bathroom, moving walls, new flooring and so on you can sometimes stay in your house and the Builder will renovate in sections. However you need to be aware that there will be a lot of dust and disruption so it depends how much of a clean freak you are. This usually comes down to personal preference. Some people stay put, some stay with family and some spend some time in an Airbnb or equivalent. We also have known people to come home from an overseas holiday and have walked into their newly renovated home – now that’s living the dream!

House Raise

Generally it’s best to move out for a few weeks while the house is being raised. It’s not safe to live in the house while it’s not on stumps. Some good news though – most items of furniture can stay in the house in its normal position. Any expensive or unstable items such as glassware should be packed away in boxes though.

So there you have it. Generally you can stay in the house unless it’s an extensive renovation or you are raising your house. 

Michelle Khadye xoxo

Posted September 2019

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