A little black dress, a classic black suit, the perfect pair of jeans. Yes, these are all items that are essentials for your wardrobe but what about timeless, investment pieces for your house?

Don’t get me wrong, the bedrooms and the study are important rooms but if we spend most of our time in our living and dining areas, then that’s where we should be focusing on for investment pieces.

Dining Setting

The holy grail of furniture. Whether you dream of a Harry Potter style 12 seat table or can only fit a 6-seater, the dining table is one of the most important pieces in a house. It’s where you talk about your day, have serious conversations, laugh over delicious food with friends during a dinner party and maybe even have your Christmas celebrations. After you have worked out the size of table you can fit, you then need to decide on the material and style. Are you wanting a sleek glass table to make the room feel larger, a black designer piece, a Scandinavian blonde timber table or a white Hamptons vibe? These cues should be taken off the style of the rest of the house and not looked at autonomously.

When it comes to dining chairs, have a long hard think about whether you are after a slim armless chair, a chair with arms, an upholstered chair or a chair with plenty of texture and interest.


You can also mix up the style of chairs. I have seen amazing dining settings with all different styles of chairs as well as just having a different style on each end. Or even some bench seats for a more casual feel. The options are endless.

Lounge Seating

If you are about to order some lounge seating such as a large sofa, you need to think about whether the sofa needs to be flexible or not. Will you be spending the next 10 years in your current home? If yes, then order something that suits the shape and size for your home. If there may be a chance of moving, then you may want to order something that is flexible such as a modular L shape lounge that can be rearranged in different forms, a chaise lounge that can have the chaise on either left or right hand sides, or a class 3 seater with two occasional chairs.

Once you have considered the shape and size, the style then needs to be thought out. Is you home more of a Hamptons/Queensland style or sleek and contemporary. I often see furniture that does not nod to the style of the home they live in so it looks out of place. If you are unsure what will work in your home, find some images that are similar to your home and see what furniture they have selected. Pinterest and Interior Design websites and magazines are a great place to start for this.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a quality sofa you will probably have it for 10+ years so it will be worth the investment.  


Yes, the place we spend ideally 8 hours per night. We all know this so I won’t harp on about it but make sure your purchase a quality mattress so supports your back. My tip is to buy an additional mattress topper that can be removed after a couple of years and replaced with a new one. If you ever want to be grossed out, just Google how much sweat is absorbed by your bed every night.

The bed frame can add so much interest to a simple white bedroom. Whether it’s a timber bed or upholstered with an bedhead, this can be the focal point of the room. There are some great options out there now that are very affordable as well. You might just have to assemble it.


Another tip I usually give to clients is to have a bed with storage in it. We have a bed that we just pull up and then store suitcases, blankets and winter jackets in. It alleviates so much space in our wardrobes and linen cupboard.


I’m not suggesting you need to purchase $10,000 Persian rugs but having a couple of quality rugs in a home takes it to another level. Whether you are wanting to bring some colour in or keep it neutral with a grey wool rug, either way rugs always add plenty of texture and interest for the eye. They are also great for absorbing sound, let alone feeling amazing under foot.

One mistake I often see is that people don’t purchase rugs big enough for the space. For example, it’s much more inviting if the occasional chairs and sofa are all on the same rug. Also make sure the rug comes out far enough when the dining chairs are fully pulled out.


If you have timber floorboards or tiles in the bedrooms, it’s nice to have a rug under the bed to soften the room and have a nice soft rug underfoot when getting out of bed. 

Wall Art and Sculptures

Art is always a tricky one as it’s very personalised. Whether you travel a lot and find pieces all over the world or would prefer to order matching art online to display around your house, there is no right or wrong way.

My main piece of advice is that it doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks and say ‘wow’ then you might want to keep looking.


Art doesn’t always just have to be wall art. Colourful bowls from Morocco, a clay sculpture from Africa or candelabras from a local store can all add so much character to your home and reflect your personalities. 

Custom Cabinetry

If you think you will be staying in your house for at least a few years, one of my main suggestions would be to have some custom cabinetry built.


Whether you create a reading nook with bookcases or a Living Room TV wall cabinet, it’s these kind of investment pieces that not only look amazing but add so much value to a home. If you don’t know where to start, talk to an Interior Designer or cabinetmaker for ideas. 

So there you have it. A summary of the pieces to invest in for your home. 

Michelle Khadye xoxo

Posted September 2019

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